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Gemilang Perkasa

GEMILANG PERKASA TEHNIK is a company since 2013 engaged in General Construction, Inspection, Testing, Building Analysis Consultant, Energy / Coal Fire Plant, Boiler Services, Manufacturing, Pipping, Pump, Fire Hydrant, Rotor, Generator, Transformer, Genset, HVAC, Maintenace and Repair Services with strive to excel in our operations and maximize business growth through customer satisfaction, Reducing cycle times & cost of poor quality, and continuously fostering employee development & recognizing their contribution.

The company policy is to integrate quality into all aspects of its processes which are designed, implemented, and maintained to provide safe-reliable products & services that fulfill customers requirement as well as statutory and regulatory requirements. Top management commits to regularly review the effectiveness of company processes, take decisions based on data and information analysis, ensure continuous improvement, and measure customer satisfaction.

Each employee is accountable to implement and continuously improved defined processes upon the work they do. Managers are responsible to ensure processes are understood, implemented properly, and creating the environment where this can occur. Personnel performing quality functions have the authority, responsibility, and organizational freedom to identify quality problems and have the right of rejection and to stop the work as necessary for non-conforming conditions to the specified requirements. The repairs and alterations will be performed in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code.

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Being a company that creates innovation and quality to maintain competence and competitiveness, thus becoming the company that provides the best service for the customer and business partners.


Engaged in mechanical, inspection & General Trading, Supplier, which committed to provide the best for the customer, as well as a local company that has national and international capabilities.

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Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety & Health Policy

PT. GEMILANG PERKASA TEHNIK a company in the field of Fabrication, Construction, Inspection, Testing and Repair, Realizing Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety & Health is an important factor that will determine the continuity of our business and we are committed to always improve our business operations in the aspects of:

Comply and implement policies related to Fabrication, Construction, Services Construction, Inspection, Testing, Repair, and development, by complying with the provisions applicable local government laws/regulations and technical requirements.
Meet current and future customers with targeted investments, increase employee awareness and expertise supported by good technology.
Set challenging, realistic goals through the process of planning, implementing, assessment and review to achieve improvement in Business, Quality, Environment, Health and sustainable work safety.
Prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases in each of our business activities and is committed through good monitoring.
Preventing environmental pollution and saving natural resources.
Building a culture of concern for all employees and business partners including stakeholder’s interests within the Company who have personal responsibility for reduce the potential danger to himself, others, and the environment.
All levels of management and all employees are responsible for implementing and communicated this policy to stakeholders and reviewed.
Our License

Approved by ISO


ISO 45001:2018,
Certificate of Occupational Health & Safety Management System


ISO 14001:2015,
Certificate of Environment Management System


ISO 9001:2015,
Certificate of Quality Management System


ISO 9001:2015,
EASTAC Registrar Indonesia

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